last week’s meals – comfort to the max

Sunday 10/16 – Cookout at Jane’s. How fun to see so many friends and their kids in one place! We were tired but it was beyond worth it, and the apples we picked were delicious all week.

Monday 10/17 – Roasted chicken and yukon golds, roasted carrots with pattypan squash. Possibly the best roast chicken we’ve ever had, and a large one, so we got three more meals from the leftovers. The pattypan squash was mediocre – maybe roasting was not the way to go? Made a huge batch of stock in the slow cooker.

Tuesday 10/18 – Budget Byte’s pork and cabbage stir fry with brown rice. This is the second time I’ve made this in the last month. I loved the ginger and pork together, and the leftovers reheat so well for lunch the next day.

Wednesday 10/19 – Chicken & dumplings over peas. It’s cool weather comfort food season in our hearts if not outside! We used leftover chicken and broth from Monday’s roast chicken dinner.

Thursday 10/20 – Chicken chili and cornbread. Thanks Monday! You were totally good to us!

Friday 10/21 – Cottage pie with double peas, carrots, and corn. I accidentally say shepherd’s pie sometimes, but I use ground beef instead of lamb. This was a great way to recover from getting caught in a rainstorm on the last few minutes of our afternoon walk.

Saturday 10/21 – Greek chicken noodle soup. This was pretty much the last of Monday’s roast chicken, although I did freeze some of the stock. With lemon, dill, and beaten eggs slowly added to the hot broth to make it thick and creamy without the use of any dairy, this might be my favorite version of chicken soup.


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