how to get in the habit of making dinner every day

  1. Know that this is the right option for you.
  2. Write a meal plan. Start with just planning the next three days and work your way up to a weekly plan if it makes sense for you. Be realistic about your schedule, what you will actually eat, and any other limitations. Don’t feel you need to cook each meal from scratch right from the start – ease into it.
  3. Get your recipes together.
  4. Write a shopping list.
  5. Go grocery shopping.
  6. Make sure your food doesn’t go bad. Store it properly and use it before it spoils.
  7. Give yourself the time to prepare dinner and make it a pleasant event. I like to start with a clean kitchen, drink a glass of wine and sometimes listen to music. The kids watch TV while I cook and I refuse to feel guilty about it.
  8. Eat at the table. That way you can focus on the food you made! It’s harder to notice how it tastes and what might improve your food the next time you make it if you’re concentrating on watching TV or working. In our house we make exceptions for the Super Bowl, the World Series, Election Day and the third snow day in a row when we’re starting to go a little crazy and the only solution is an indoor picnic dinner.
  9. Refine your technique. Don’t make something again you don’t like it. If you were only lukewarm on a dish, think about how to make it better. If it took too much work, how could you make it more easily?
  10. If at all possible, have someone else clean up. You worked hard! Someone else scrape that baking dish clean!

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