last week’s meals

Sunday 10/30 – Stovetop macaroni and cheese, steamed peas and carrots, and chopped tomatoes for a quick dinner after partying hard at a young friend’s bouncy house birthday celebration.

Monday 10/31 – Halloween! I like a tradition of meals so I always make grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup for Halloween. Then we go out and attempt to collect our body weight in candy throughout the neighborhood.

Tuesday 11/1 – A simple and huge beef stew in the crock pot, enough to feed an army. A small army, an army of maybe a dozen.

Wednesday 11/2 – Sausage, tomato, and spinach risotto and roasted cauliflower. This is a favorite meal.

Thursday 11/3 – We had an afternoon of appointments, so we grabbed dinner out after the two dentist appointments but before the flu shot clinic. The whole thing was way more pleasant than it sounds.

Friday 11/4 – Friends came over! The kids played happily while dinner cooked – chicken cordon bleu casserole, rice pilaf, and steamed green beans. The Malbec flowed, every dish was scraped clean, and then we had chocolate-chip M&M cookies (with M&Ms purloined from Halloween buckets).

Saturday 11/5 – The rest of the beef stew with brioche rolls. My youngest was kind of at the end of his appreciation for beef stew after being served a few bowls for lunches throughout the week but after I strained his potatoes, carrots, beef, and peas and discarded the broth he was happy enough with it.


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